Inviting my daughter to be…..a boy.

It feels a bit strange to be writing this post so close on the heels of my very first post where I declared the certainty of my unborn babe being a girl…

…but in every attempt to alleviate this two-week-long-headache, some have suggested to me that I may want to try to mentally accept that this babe might be a boy. Interestingly enough, the thought that this could be contributing to my headache had really never crossed my mind. But if anything, this baby has taught me about letting go, being flexible, and having a Plan B (I’ve never been a Plan B sort of gal. EVER.).

So yesterday my husband, little boys, and I held a “Family Circle” on the floor around a candle where we formally invited baby into our lives ~ and asked her to do so safely, soundly, and totally healthy. Then I told Lilah that I accept and welcome the boy energy that is floating around her, whether it’s her angel, an energetic twin, or Lilah herself. Of course, we needed to pick out a different name so we chose a family name of my husbands’.

Am I still certain my baby is girl? I have to admit that yes I am, but I’m trying to be open to another son. So without further ado, let me introduce our Plan B:  our little boy Kai Levick.

15 comments on “Inviting my daughter to be…..a boy.

  1. My second boy was a girl until very close to birth. I have come to notice that often a baby will carry the energy of it’s last life sexual orientation and thus, be rather confusing. My boy is all boy but I do notice a receptivity in his personality. Enjoy the mystery and hope your headaches melt away.

  2. Hey Kate~
    Thanks for your honesty in your posts!

    Have you ever tried EFT? I am a practitioner and have found it really useful for getting rid of headaches quickly (and uncovering the cause!)

    I use EFT regularly in my pregnancy coaching practice.


    • Sondra ~ thank you for the suggestion. I’ve shied away from EFT in the past (I don’t know why) but I’m thinking it’s definitely worth a shot right now. Off to research….
      Thanks again,

  3. Kate, I just had huge surges of information I needed to share with you come through. Sending you an email AND love! LOL

  4. I think it’s so awesome you did this. If I can talk with you, tap with you, or anything, let me know. Otherwise I’ll continue to hold you in a good and open space! ❤

  5. I thought my first two girls were boys and my current pregnancy was a girl, turns out I’m now expecting a boy! The sex is no biggy, just a feeling I got and was totally wrong! All my babes feel welcomed to the world, no matter what gender they chose.

  6. I am a mother of 3….BOYS!!! the first 2 pregnancies were exactly the same but my last one was a total shock because it was a nightmare!!! everyone kept telling me it was a girl, even the OB told me during the first ultrasounds that my baby had “a girl’s heartbeat”. Little that i knew i gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I was carrying completely different, my cravings were totally different… so you never know. Whatever is the outcome you should feel blessed to be carrying another baby and i am sure he or she will be a beautiful addition to your family.

  7. Kate—I’ve been rushing around and chaotically busy these days, but I’ve had a few tiny moments to catch up online and I’ve been thinking of you a lot and sending you love and watching you with admiration as you process this experience with so much wisdom and so openly. You are an amazing woman and I have no doubt that you are going to rock this experience with your third baby. Big big love to you sister!xoxoxoxooxoxoxoo Leah E-H

  8. Dear Kate,
    First of all I want to send you all my love and support for this new and amazing journey of the new life you are carrying.
    Before sharing somethings about my little boy, I would like to tell you that I also had some similar experiences with headaches (not very strong though) and things I kind of refused to see. It was like I was trying to fool myself for some reason about something, but I had like some kind of cloud above my head and it felt oppressive, like I couldn’t keep my head up. As soon as I faced the thing I was trying to hide for myself, the cloud disappeared and I could lift my head and straighten my spine. So I would say that it would help to keep your mind open.
    Best wishes, love and light

  9. Aww Kate, that is just wonderful. I think it’s great that you’re accepting however this situation may play out; it’s very flexible of you 🙂 No matter what, everything is going to be fine. You have the support and love of many people, including me!
    Love you!
    ~ Alexa 🙂

  10. my daughter was a boy, i was sure of it. i had been right with my other 3 completely intuitively and 100% certain. but alals, she was not a boy! and we adore her. hope that your headache comes to a close and that you have a beautiful empowering birth however it happens..

  11. We will all love her/him no matter what! 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling a little better…

    How is that pronounced? LEV-ick? Le-VICK? Levi…. ck?

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