For those of you concerned….

I’ve received some emails, phone messages, and FB posts from those who are concerned and tracking my end-of-pregnancy-adventure. I probably should have posted something sooner, but frankly I just haven’t had the energy. I’ve just been cocooned in my house and attempting to find “harmony in my healing,” as one dear friend so eloquently put it.

First and foremost, I just want to say that BABY IS FINE. Even I am FINE. In case you missed the update in one of my earlier posts, here it is:

UPDATE: Good news from my midwife ~ it’s NOT preeclampsia. My urine is healthy, my blood is healthy, and my blood pressure is back to normal. Baby is fine too. The headaches seem to be an anomaly. I’ve been getting a lot of support and energy work and am feeling about 20% better (though I’m soooooo exhausted).  I’m still exploring all options and have an appt with a hospital midwife on Monday. All bases are being covered and I’m open to whatever direction it takes. Thank you ALL so much for your love and support ~ it’s bolstered me during this challenging time. Love to you! 


That update was from a week ago. Since then I’ve been to the chiropractor again, had some fabulous acupuncture and cranial-sacral-therapy from 2 wonderful friends and my head-pain has diminished about 70%. It seems that my spine and neck are quite out of alignment and I can attest that this baby is carrying VERY differently than my first two ~ all out in front.

I had an appointment with a hospital midwife on Monday, and I have to say I was SO IMPRESSED! She was totally accepting of everything on my birth plan, assured me they would be there if I needed, but told me they were still hoping I’d get the homebirth I’m used to. So this morning I filled out the paper work for both the hospital and for a home-birth-certificate ~ and am truly remaining open to whatever direction this takes.

So, I’m still in a little pain, but I haven’t taken any Tylenol in 3 days and I’m teaching myself to embrace and relax into the discomfort ~ simply accepting the pain instead of running or resisting it, I have to say, has probably brought me more healing than anything else. And  as I’ve learned, that’s the secret to giving birth as well.

Truthfully, the past 2+ weeks have been a gift. Though it’s been challenging in SO MANY ways, I’ve stretched my comfort-zone so much that there isn’t even a zone anymore. I’m truly open in a way I’ve never been open before. I’m not trying to control the situation, as I’m so accustomed to doing. I’m experiencing a true surrender to the Divine Flow and knowing no matter where it takes me, I’m empowered, powerful, AND protected.

Thanks for caring and love, love, LOVE to you.

18 comments on “For those of you concerned….

  1. I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you are. Sounds like you’re hanging in there. Can’t wait to see pictures of Lilah once she’s here!


  2. Hi soul sister ,Lilah is bringing you powerful lessons!!! She is amazing powerfull soul!!I saw her eyes…
    I am very proud of you brave woman!!! You opening up with sweet surender to this sweet little baby in your womb!!!Kate mama, birthing Lilah…la…la lah…I can see her coming with soft and easy after all that, this is the gift around the corner!!! Everything is possible, la…la…lah…( my daily mantra)
    I am here to support you for a session , a hug , a hand or just being , just ask.
    Love you,

  3. Kate, well done for accepting the first lesson that your beautiful baby has helped to teach you.
    The transformative power you have gained will give you much strength.
    Although I don’t know you personally, I am proud of your achievement.
    May you be surrounded in love’s protection, and may you be nourished by the words and blessings from your invisible online sisters.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  4. Kate, I’ve been thinking about you constantly! I sent you a facebook message, but not sure if it worked. LOVE to you sister. xoxoxo Leah

  5. I’m glad to hear from you, Kate, I’ve been wondering how you are doing. I’m so glad you are feeling better! Surrender does seem to be the ticket. Best wishes for the perfect birth!

  6. Just thinking of you and your family. Wonderful to read the latest news and hoping that you all get as much rest as possible. I am certain your newest little one knows exactly what she wants.

  7. Kate…your wonderful and creative words helped us much through our pregnancies.

    3 babes in 3 years, first 2 early and last one 4 days late!! It was as though she was used to hearing the shenangins of her older siblings and wanted to hibernate as long as possible!!

    We laugh now but I was so sure she’d be early like the others it was crazy to be pregnant the longest ever with the last one… Sleep now as much as possible!! Good luck with the full moon!
    Much Love and surrounding u and your family with white light 🙂

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