Love from Baby….Birth Announcement.

August 15th ~

I’m lying here on the bed next to my tiny, dark-haired baby….BOY. I already love him so much. Though he is a stranger, I already know his wisdom and courage. He’s already shared with me that it’s appropriate to mourn Lilah even as I rejoice with him.

We had an easy, gentle and fast birth in the privacy of our candle-lit bathroom ~ just my husband and me, as we are accustomed. I had started feeling MUCH better on August 13th (the full moon) and my husband and I both knew I would give birth shortly after I started feeling better. That night of August 13th, I went to bed feeling such RELIEF that I was feeling blissful ~ I felt like I had made to the other side of something extremely powerful that I still can’t even comprehend. Baby and I enjoyed an exchange of intermingling feelings of relief, bliss, and accomplishment…and now that I think about it, Baby was moving around so much that night that perhaps that is when Lilah switched with him.

I know gender-switching sounds crazy, but there are others who believe this to be a real phenomena that can happen in the womb..and I can’t help but feel that’s what happened in this case, because I KNOW Lilah was there. I also know that the “healing crisis” I went through the past 3 weeks has a lot to do with this outcome. From material that fell in my lap, it’s obvious that part of what I was experiencing was an internal rewiring to help me withstand higher frequencies AND to help me give birth to a high vibrational baby ~ THIS is that baby and I feel Lilah has gifted us with him.

And though I wholeheartedly embrace this beautiful gift, I know I must mourn Lilah as I’ve been expecting her for over 3 years, have dreamed about her constantly, shopped for her blissfully and felt like I already knew her. So this morning I tearfully packed all her clothes away and said goodbye. I’m so disappointed not to be meeting her but I know all is PERFECT and in Divine Order. Maybe someday soon I’ll get a glimpse of the bigger picture ~ for now I need to say goodbye to her so I can fully move toward this handsome, dark-haired boy who has so much to teach me.

He’s nameless for now, but we’re leaning toward “Kai” ~ which means REJOICE.

Happy Birthday, Little Boy. We love you.

P.S. There is a large part of me that feels guilty even writing out these words as I’ve been blessed with a beautiful, HEALTHY baby and another beautiful birth. But denying my feelings would not serve me ~ and I think it’s important for others to read this in case they’ve ever felt guilty for the same feelings. My disappointment over not meeting Lilah doesn’t in any way diminish my love for this new, wonderful boy. There is wisdom in the journey, just as there is wisdom in the sharing. And now that I’ve told my story, I’m feeling much peace. Off to cuddle my newborn. Love to you….

24 comments on “Love from Baby….Birth Announcement.

  1. Oh happy day, Kate!! I love that you’re honoring ALL of your feelings, and I love YOU! Kai is a great name!! I’m pretty sure it also means Ocean in Hawaiian, perfect for a summer baby…

    See you soon!

  2. Congrats to you. Happy babymoon! Fingers are crossed that my baby arrives some time soon. We are awaiting her arrival now and so ready. Even gonna live stream the birth video πŸ˜›

    Enjoy your bonding time with the little one.

  3. Happy Birthday, beautiful little boy. Thank you Kate for sharing your feelings. It is indeed a very happy day for you and your family. And KAI, if you should choose, is indeed a perfect name.

  4. Congratulations, Kate. Kai is a great name! Thanks so much for sharing your journey so openly with us. (((hugs))) Jen
    Oh, and several years ago, you predicted I would have a girl. I became pregnant finally (after one loss), and we thought for awhile she was going to be a boy. We were so convinced, in fact, that when she was born we didn’t even check and kept referring to her as “he” – until the apprentice midwife did her checks a couple hours after birth, when she informed us we had a girl! Which I would have known if I had really listened to my intuition.

  5. Congratulations! I was wondering when we’d get an announcement! I think it’s so important that you are sharing your truth, your huge joy over your sweet son and your terrible grief and mourning over the loss of your dreams of your life with little Lilah. I believe you feeling her amazing presence and guidance through your pregnancy while some of us were gifted with your beautiful boy’s presence was all divinely guided. I don’t pretend to know or understand why that was planned for you, but at least it seems safe to say that Lilah is a very dear spirit guide who has been loving you and working with you to bring about many positive changes and much magic–culminating in your dear son you are falling in love with. Though of course you must grieve the loss of physical incarnation through you, I hold a hope that soon she makes her spiritual presence known again, and continues to be a companion and comfort and guide to you and your precious boy as long as she is meant to. Kai is a beautiful name, here’s a neat wiki page with all sorts of beautiful meanings associated with it. I’m looking forward to finding out his whole name when it comes to you both. So much love to you sweet star sister. ❀

  6. You are doing it all so perfectly, Kate!! Love to you and your family!!!!
    Can’t wait to meet the neew little man on the block!!!!

  7. Kate!!!! Wow, this is amazing stuff. I’m so very happy for you and your family in welcoming this new life. I’m also glad you are letting yourself feel all your feelings. That’s good! πŸ™‚ Love to all 5 of you!

  8. I admire your openness and your honesty Kate as your share your journey. Welcome to the world little one, may your journey be blessed. Love you Kate, enjoy that gorgeous newborn xxxx

  9. Kate wishing your handsome lil baby a life of happiness, success, lots of love and peace!!! He is lucky to have you as his mom for sure πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Kate. Congratulations and welcome to your special little boy! I have recently had a baby boy too after three losses including a stillborn daughter. My three losses were all the same soul, our daughter. She was of a vibration which had such difficulty meeting earth’s that it has been too hard for her to get here successfully. This has not stopped her being a part of our lives – very present and a wonderful big sister to her baby brothers – one adopted and one biological (8 months apart – that’s another story! πŸ™‚ ) In fact she arranged for these two amazing souls to come to us. I am sharing my story as I can find parallels to your experience in that during my pregnancy with our son I did not feel I got to know him as I had my daughter during my previous pregnancies, in fact the strongest presence was my daughter’s. This concerned me at first but I came to realise that it was simply that he was so far “out” still – he didn’t come fully into his body until I was already overdue! Not sure if this has relevance to your situation with your son and daughter but in reading your post it just “rang a bell” with me and I wanted to share. Lots of love and enjoy these first special days getting to know your boy. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. congratulations sweet Kate. What a beautiful family bursting with boyness.
    I see so many similarities (and differences) with our experiences. Maybe one day we will be able to chat about it.
    It sounds like your Lilah helped you a lot and your little earth baby, so important for you and your high vibrational baby.
    much love

  12. Congratulations Kate – this is Dorica, Alexa’s mom although I’m signed in under her name. Your birthing experience sounds amazing, and so brave! I know Alexa is very excited to meet your sweet new baby, and also help you in any way. She loves you so much! I send you much love and peace and baby BLISS!!!

  13. I couldn’t be happier for you and your family! I am so excited to meet this new magical boy and hear more details of his life and journey with you!!! Congratulations!!! Much love coming your way! L.J.

  14. hi kate,congratulations to u &your family.nice baby name.u have lots of gods grace.i ve 2 children,for both of them i read u r love notes.i too want 3rd baby,…but due to my personel reasons we stopped.anyway i am so happy that u fulfilled u r wish.u &u r family r blessed.u know august 15th is indipendance day for india.we wish all d best for MR.KAI.take care of u .

  15. Life, with its many surprises, changes, and ultimate wisdom, lies open to you, rich, full and abundant. You are truly blessed, dear Kate, to understand this, as you reach with open heart and arms to claim your new-born good. The Fairies are rejoicing with you. And oh, how elegantly, sweetly, supremely fortunate is this new “man” in your life! ❀

  16. Hau`oli Lā Hānau – which is Happy Birthday in Hawaiian. It was wonderful to read about your journey after you helped so much with mine. I hope you enjoy your new blessing, well actually ALL of your blessings.

  17. oh Kate! I just saw all this and I’m sending so much love to you and your family. I love you all so much and I’m thrilled you had yet another blissful birth. I have so many thoughts to share with you and I cannot BELIEVE how magical this baby is! What a gift he has brought to all of us. Much love and thanks to Lilah for all that she has brought as well. I thank her and bless her for each and every bit of this journey. I welcome Kai with open arms and eagerly await all that he has to share. This little one has much wisdom already. He picked the perfect family.

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