About Kate

5 months pregnant with my third baby

I’m Kate Street. I’m the Mother of three wonderful sons: Finn is 6 years old, Roan is 3 years old, and Kai (who I was sure was a GIRL!) is my little baby~ and currently my muse. I’m married to my soulmate,  I’m an avid gardener, and a professional fairy.

Being pregnant with my first son, Finn, opened me up to the magical world of prebirth communication. I started my website lovefrombaby.com based on the communication we shared.  My second son, Roan, followed suit ~ and he actually came in time to help me finish up my Messages from the Womb/Beautiful Birth Meditation CD set. Then I was expecting a daughter, Lilah, who had been communicating with me for over 3 years, but our sweet little angel Kai came instead (and looking just like Lilah said she’d look…minus the penis of course). What a surprise he was! But such a miracle. There is something extra special about this little boy who told me NOTHING about himself before he was born (other than a dream both my husband and I shared that he was Lilah’s twin). Let me tell you he’s talking now, though he’s only a little babe, and he’s talking loud and clear.

It’s funny when Finn was first born I remember missing our pre-birth bond a little. Though he was in my arms, he seemed just a baby now and not the wise soul communicating with me from a different realm. The same was true for Roan. Perhaps Kai is making up for lost time or maybe I’m just more tuned in as a mother, but he’s communicating with me now in a way I usually just experience pre-birth ~ and it’s helping me so much as we now navigate “colic” together.

This blog is our journey ~ from pregnancy to birth to infancy and beyond. Babies are such magical souls…and they have SO MUCH to tell us.

Stick around and maybe share a story of yours too.

Love and Sparkles,


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