Love From Baby

Love From Baby” is the pre-birth communication website I started after my first son was born.

There you can sign up for “Love Notes from Baby” (for FREEEEE) which are approximately 6 months of email messages for pregnant Mamas from their unborn babies ~ and I have to say that in my humble opinion, they are just simply wonderful. Over 6000 women have signed up for them since they first began and they continue to be one of my proudest accomplishments.

You’ll also find the “Messages from the Womb” and “Beautiful Birth” Meditation CDs (sold as a set) which help women communicate with their unborn babes and achieve the birth they truly deserve. (They will be available for download very soon!)

Below is the latest testimonial I received from a proud father:

Dear Kate,

I am writing to you because I want to thank you, personally, and also
on behalf of my wife and my beautiful new daughter, Lucy, who was born
on the 22nd of April. Throughout my wife’s pregnancy she received the
wonderful Love Notes from Baby emails and forwarded them on to me. She
was reading them at work and I, too, was doing the same. The emails
felt so good to read and they really helped us to strengthen our bond
with Lucy. Later on, much further in to the pregnancy, Erica (my wife)
bought all the CDs that you have. And she loved them. She was
listening to some Hypnobirthing CDs at that time too. Between your CDs
and those of the Hypnobirthing, she seemed to spend a great amount of
time in meditation. I also joined in on occasion.

Anyway, the day came, and Lucy was born at home, exactly as we had
planned. Everything about the home birth went perfectly and now, in
hindsight, I really feel that the pre-paving that was done during
those Beautiful Birth Meditations helped more than anything else to
create a beautiful flowing experience. I believe the hypnobirthing was
useful, but for me, the pre-paving was the extra something that
brought it all together and helped everything to flow. It created the
space, which allowed for the magic.

I understand from your website that you may not reply to this, and
that is fine, but this has just been a way for me to say thank you. I
often thought, as I received your emails, ‘this wonderful person
probably doesn’t know how much she is positively affecting people’.
So, a little while after the birth, I have found the time to say thank
you. You helped us very much.

Best Wishes,

Eoin Glynn, Erica Glynn and Lucy Glynn
Dublin, Ireland

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