Your Stories

I want to hear from you! Do you have a prebirth incident or story to tell? It doesn’t have to be long ~ it could be something as simple as knowing what your baby wanted to be named or what gender he/she was.

Prebirth communication can be so simple that many women don’t even know they’re experiencing it, such as being drawn to different colors while pregnant could be an indication of your baby’s favorite color.

Or tell me your experience with “Love Notes from Babylike Angela D’Andrea who just emailed: “Just wanted to say thank you so much, it was amazing receiving these little messages that felt so real and really coming from my little girl, always made me cry so much.” Even though I wrote “Love Notes from Baby”, the messages were based on what my first son taught me and I can’t take much credit. I signed up for them my second pregnancy and again for my third ~ and I can honestly say they blew me away (especially since I forgot most of what I wrote!) with their accuracy and timing. I, too, cried many times when receiving them.

Did you use the “Messages from the Womb/Beautiful Birth Meditations“? Tell me what that was like. Heck, I don’t care if you used Hypnobirthing! I want to hear about what empowered you and your baby.

So, if you have a story or incident you want to share please email me:

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